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Update MealSuggestion.py

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......@@ -3,22 +3,32 @@ import mysql.connector as mysql
#Calculates caloric and macronutrient intake levels based on user information
#and dependent on the user's goals
def suggestedIntake(weight, BMR, goal, ECB):
caloricOutput = BMR+ECB
if goal == 0:
caloricIntake = 0.85*caloricOutput
elif goal == 1:
caloricIntake = caloricOutput
elif goal == 2:
caloricIntake = 1.15*caloricOutput
proteinCalories = 0.18*caloricIntake
protein = proteinCalories/4
carbCalories = 0.55*caloricIntake
carbs = carbCalories/4
fatCalories = 0.27*caloricIntake
fat = fatCalories/5
optimalLevels = [caloricIntake, protein, carbs, fat] #List of intake data
#calories followed by macronutrients in grams
return optimalLevels
#uses values calculated from above function + allergy data
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