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# JuniorDesign
Swarm Bot Project
**Swarm Bot Project**
The goal of this semester-long project is to model and simulate the navigation and environmental sensing of autonomous vehicles by designing an intelligent swarmbot
team using a community of two bots. The two bots are to work together, collaborating to solve
the problem of safe navigation.
## Libraries:
**FourPinControl** - setup four pins as OUTPUT then control them using public functions. KINDA WORKS.
**PinControl** - setup one pin as OUTPUT and control it using public functions. WORKS but do we need this?
**GroundSensor** - handles color sensing and outputs a command.
- Bounds for blue and red LEDs voltage reading
- NOTE: will need to change these a lot based on testing and observation
- Instructions on what the command should be for each color sense
NOTE: Now handles color transition
**MotorControl** - controls the motors.
- Wheels' pins. Indicate four pins for left and right motors
- Speeds for each direction of movement
- Accel holds the accelartion time and acceleration speed
- Adjust helps make the wheels travel straighter
NOTE: Now handles acceleartion and individual wheel's speed adjustments
## Relevant Folders:
**AnalogInReadTest** - takes in voltage reading and print out their their Arduino value on Serial monitor.
**DistanceTest** - makes the bot move forward or backward for a certain time.
**DriveMotorTest** - drive motors forward and backward at certain speed from Serial input.
**FollowLineUsingLib** - make the bot do certain tasks based on the color it sensed. Use custom libraries.
**GroundSensorTest** - use the color sensor to sense color of tapes. Print result on Serial monitor.
**HallSensorTest** - use the hall sensor to stop when it sense a magnetic field. UNTESTED!
**HallSensorTestBasic** - light up an LED based on hall sensor reading. UNTESTED!
**MotionControl** - control bots movement using Serial input.
**SearchingTest** - test some searching algorithm.
## Old Folders:
~~DriveMotorMiniTest~~ - turn an LED on and off using Serial input.
~~FollowTheLine~~ - make bot do certain tasks based on color it sensed. OUTDATED!
~~GenerateOutOfPhaseTest~~ - tried to generate two signals out of phase. OUTDATED! UNECCESSARY!
~~LockedAntiphase~~ - drive two motors. OUTDATED!
~~StateMachine~~ - light up some LED based on the state. State is change using Serial input. OLD!
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