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World Peace Foundation Corrupt Arms Deals Map
This project is a visualization of cases of corruption in the
international arms trade and broader military sector. It forms part
of WPF’s ongoing program on the Global Arms Trade and Corruption.
Build javascript by running gulpfile.js. Browserify is used to create
a javascript bundle.
The arms deal data for the map is found in `docroot/data/wpf_deals.json`
To up date the json data file, run the python ingest script.
# usage: (from base directory)
from ingest.wpf_ingest.ingest_from_excel import *
This script processes data from an Excel file. Data 'rows' are at the
'case' level.
The Excel file should have the following headings:
|heading| description | format|
|deal_name|name of the arms deal| string |
|years| years of the WPF case| string |
|sort_year| year used to sort cases | 4-digit year|
|series_name| name of the WPF case | string|
|blog_link| link to blog post| url|
|transactions|list of arms transactions| semi-colon delimited transactions (ex: GBA->SAU). an internal transaction looks like this: CAN->CAN|
|equipment|list of equipment in transactions| semi-colon delimited strings|
|value_details|value of deals| string|
|corruption_details|amount of corruption|string|
- Leaflet.js
- leaflet.migrationLayer (heavily modified) (
- Leaflet.pattern (
- leaflet-legend
- leaflet-easybutton
- underscore.js
- jQuery
- bootstrap
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