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<h1>A compendium of arms trade corruption</h1>
<p>This map presents a compendium of 18 cases of corruption in the international arms trade and broader military sector,
as part of World Peace Foundation’s ongoing program on the Global Arms Trade and Corruption.</p>
<p>The global arms business is widely seen as one of the areas of legal business most subject to corruption.
One researcher in 2005 estimated that 40% of corruption in international trade was related to the arms trade.
Andrew Feinstein’s book The Shadow World (2011) is one recent work documenting the ubiquitous corruption that
characterizes the arms business. There are several reasons why the arms trade is ‘hardwired for corruption’.
The high value of individual deals offer significant potential for personal enrichment.
The ‘national security exception’ throws a veil of secrecy around arms deals. The tendency for the military
sector in many countries to be exempt from scrutiny by Parliament, civil society and investigative and judicial
institutions. Finally, the status of the arms industry in producer countries as key instruments of state policy
often afford them protection from prosecution.</p>
<p>The cases shown here are a selection, intended to show the diversity and widespread nature of corruption in the
arms trade and military sector worldwide, and are not intended to be comprehensive. Basic information about each case
are presented in the sidebar, along with a link to a more extensive case record in WPF’s Global Arms Corruption blog.</p>
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