Commit 9d3d4969 authored by Margret A. Riegert's avatar Margret A. Riegert
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chmod +x some files

Former-commit-id: 16f1ad2fbf68fdd6fb5642a143b8d97ae64204e4 [formerly c18a71e7e5371b6bff6c771d0bfd7320ab51cb24]
Former-commit-id: 18370dc47abbda9745aa3bb9cb25e6304ecc6423
parent 0db6ad2c
File mode changed from 100644 to 100755
set -ex
USAGE="usage: [setup] [application name] | [make|clean|run] [blackscholes|fft|inversek2j|jmeint|jpeg|kmeans|sobel|all]"
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